Monday, July 23, 2012

Trading What You Don't Need, For What You Do

My husband is great at trading things. He has no fear to talk to people and work up a deal for trading things. I on the other hand, do not share that same enthusiasm with approaching people and working up a deal. Because of this, my family was very shocked when I told them this Friday that I had contacted a young man who was looking to trade goats for a mini pig.

The area I live in is saturated with male dairy goats for sale right now. People are dropping their prices just to get rid of the animals before breeding season starts again. I myself knew I had two very sweet males that needed to find homes and was worried about being able to place them. So I went on Craigslist, something I hardly ever do, and found a young man who was looking for dairy goats and wanted to trade for one of his mini pigs.

Now why would I want to trade for a mini pig? Because my youngest daughter has wanted one since she was old enough to utter the word pig! Her room is covered in piggy stuffed animals, pig blankets, pig pillows, pig clothes... To say she loves them would be an understatement. So this was a trade I couldn't resist.

The young man was very excited to make the trade and my husband was very proud that I had made contact with someone to make a trade!  So on Sunday morning, we loaded the truck up with my two Nubians and drove to take them to their new home and pick up our new baby mini pig. When my daughter saw her new best friend, it was love at first sight. She couldn't stop talking the entire way home and has taken very good care of her new piggy.

I also learned something through all of this. I like trading! It was fun. I had something I didn't need and I was able to trade it for something I wanted. My lady goats are safe from unwanted breeding, my feed bill is going to go down, the goats have a beautiful home in the countryside with rolling hills, and my daughter got the piggy she has always wanted. Trading very well may be a permanent fixture in my life now. I'm looking forward to spring when I'll have more baby animals to trade with.

So, may I introduce to you, Nosy... because he pushes everything around with his nose.

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farmlife chick said...

How sweet is that!!! Thank you for stopping by The Chick n' Coop! You'll have to check out our Piggy Granola Pops, Barnyard Pop Tarts, Piggy Pancakes etc. You get the idea! We love pigs too!!

Sun Valley Homestead said...

So's amazing how well bartering can work...we all should do more of it.


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