Monday, July 30, 2012

Week in pictures and post to come

The last week has been full of fun learning adventures for our family. We have more new pets and a lot of information to process from a convention we went to this past week. I promise full blog post on all events, but till then, I leave you with some pictures...

I walked out and found this lovely butterfly sitting in my garden. It stayed most of the day right there near the flowers. It was a wonderful reminder of the beauty God has created.

 My oldest daughter brought these wonderful vegetables in from her garden. We have really enjoyed eating from the garden this year and we are looking forward to the fall crops.
Our hens have picked up their egg production again. We changed our feed a bit and they seem to be dealing with the heat much better now. I do have a blog post about heat and chickens coming up soon. I've been raising chickens for years and never know that their bodies needed so much more in the summer time.
This week will be the first of a monthly series on organization that I am doing. We homeschool, so I am starting with my homeschool book cabinet. Lets just say that after 8 completed years of educating at home, I finally have a function school cabinet that I am not ashamed to open in front of people. If you are looking for some ideas to go from chaos to complete order, you don't want to miss this blog post!
I also have a post coming up this week on a wonderful homeschool conference that our family went to that was totally free. It was called Raising Entrepreneurs and was hosted by David Stelzl. Until then, God bless and enjoy your summer with homesteading adventures!


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